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Tallahassee and Traffic

Tallahassee is famous for many things:

  1. Strip malls.
  2. A phallic state capitol.
  3. Being the mystic nexus for the various characters on Lost.
  4. A sainted football coach, immortalized in stained glass.

But if there’s a fifth thing Tallahassee is famous for, it’s abysmal traffic. Todays whopper:

At the intersection of Mission and Hartsfield we had two cars pointed north at the red light: a cop car in the left turn lane, waiting to turn west onto Hartsfield; and a little Acura in the straight lane. Both had their left blinkers on.

When the cop got the green arrow he made his turn, followed by the Acura. The Acura made the left turn from the straight lane, turning behind the cop. And to make things better: when I made it through the intersection I glanced to my right to see the Acura was just tooling along, tailgating the cop.

I wonder why traffic in Tallahassee is so bad?

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