Same Blog, New Digs

For no good reason what-so-ever — other than to see if my limited UNIX chops are up to the task — I’m moving the blog off the host to Laughing Squid in San Fransisco. This will allow to me use the various WordPress plugins and widgets and googaws and doodads that aren’t available to the users of the free blogs. I’ll also get a chance to get my hands dirty with FTP and PHP and MySQL and all that fun stuff. Hey, if I can muddle through set theory, I can learn me some HTML.

Of course, this means that you may not see the blog for a while as I change the domain pointers in the deep dark belly of the interweb. Or, I might not be smart enought to get everthing working properly. Or I might just get frustrated and quit — I find that I start investing time and money in a project just before my short attention span fastens onto some other wildly foolish plan.

So, for those few handful of people who have stumbled onto this blog (I couldn’t tell you if anyone has ever been here twice) — keep checking back to see if I have everything up and running. If you never hear from me again, well… it’s been a moderate amount of fun.


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