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“Heroes” and the “9/11 Truth” Virus

So, what’s the connection between the plotline of “Heroes” and the 9/11 Truth virus?

<Spoilers ahead>

Both involve secret conspiracies to blow up New York for political gain. But what’s the relationship between them? Are the producers and writers of “Heroes” secretly infected with the truth virus? Perhaps trying to make the idea more palatable for the general public? Or are those who actually believe the silly conspiracy theories unconsciously influenced by representations in the media they consume? If they see it on TV, they believe it in real life.

<End Spoilers>

Or are both of them instances of the tendency toward paranoia in American thought? We Americans are poor reasoners sometimes. We often assume — contra evidence — that the world is shaped just like our hopes or our fears. Much to the detriment our our ability to make our way through.

But the real question is this: when is Michelle Malkin going to take on “Heroes” the way she did Rosie O’Donnell and Ron Paul?

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