Reasons Not to Blog #7, 8

I’m still not convinced blogging is a worth-while activity, for me or for anyone else. For one, it takes up too much time. To blog effectively one need to spend too much time dredging the internet for useful stuff — but, much like dragging a river for bodies, all you usually end up with are old tires and abandoned appliances. I have more important and more interesting things to read than the dreck posted on blogs.

The only good bit about blogging is the fact that it happens in real time. It’s like they’re almost interactive! A post today justifying the morality of torture gets a devastating response form Andrew Sullivan tomorrow — and we were there! We saw it happen! Reading blogs is much like watching the car chases on the California news; the vast majority of them are boring and uneventful, and a waste of time compared to watching Gene Hackman race around in The French Connection. The only thing that makes blogs interesting is that they’re happening right now!

Blogging also requires a writing style for which I am constitutionally unsuited. I like to pile on subjunctive clauses, to wind my way through complex sentence structures, to use rhythm and tone to point out the interesting or important bits. But blogging is different. It requires short sentences. Punchy, declarative sentences. Can’t loose their attention! Subtlety be damned! Make your point and move on. Any point that needs more than three sentences should be abandoned.

This very post is an example of both problems. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but I finally just wanted to get it out of my head. And it should be much longer; I have more to say on the subject. But a blog doesn’t seem like the place to say it.

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