Reason Not to Blog #5

Internet Explorer.

Look, if everyone in the world used Firefox (or Safari for the Mac) life would be easy and happy. But for some odd reason — and one which acts as a counterexample to Hayek’s belief in markets appropriately distributing goods — most people use Internet Explorer. Even though it’s evil. As is everything from Microsoft.

So, if you are one of those foolish enough to use Internet Explorer — even though a a few minutes of download time would improve your web experience immensely — I apologize for the fact that your web browser can’t display my site properly at the moment. If you want to see my blogroll or recent posts, they are somewhere near the bottom of the page. I will work towards making sure my site appears properly in your technologically-backwards browser.

Even though it looks pretty damn good in mine.

Update: to hell with it. I just changed the theme to something more basic.

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