Wolfowitz Resigns…

…and yet the world still turns.

What a silly way to fall from grace: a scandal that should have been easily avoided, but because it taps into deep-seated dislike of his management style he gets no benefit of the doubt.

Considering how much we’re all supposed to hate Wolfowitz — because Michael Moore and the DailyKos tell us so! — I’m sure everyone was hoping for a more dramatic flame-out. It’s hard to feel the appropriate scheudenfreude for a guy who pulls strings to get his girl another job. Especially when he was required to get her a new job in order to avoid a conflict of interest.

For me, I had hoped that Wolfie’s experiences at the World Bank would help him blossom into a new man. I imagined the interview:

“Well, Oprah, let me tell ya, I’ve really been convinced that the carrot is the way to go, and not the stick. Just a little bit of sweet talk, some whispered promises about improved credit scores and some dropped hints about how all the cool countries have macroeconomic stability, and I’ve convinced all the world’s dictators to become democracies! The axis of evil, Russia, Belarus, Myanmar — all on the side of good! Boy, makes me really regret ever thinking that invasions and war were the way to fix the world…”

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