To Blog or Not: Con

I’m still trying to come up with reasons to decide — definitively — whether to blog or not to blog. Today’s reason: there just too much relentless churn in the damn internet to try to keep up with everything.

It’s one thing to just try to keep up with the news, but to try and comment on what’s going on is just crazy. This guy said that in some debate, that part of the state is one fire and people are freaking out, the Silver Surfer is going to show up in the Ultimate Fantastic Four — it’s just too much for someone like me. You know, with books and books of analytic philosophy to wade through.

But it really comes down to stuff like this: this was posted a week or so ago, along with this brief comment; there’s just too much that’s plain wrong with the original essay for me to leave it be — it’s chock-full of slippery, well-disguised sophistry, yet on the surface it seems plenty benign, even reasonable. It’ll take me days to point out all the flaws. And that’s on top of the whole Silver Surfer thing.

And if you look you can find stuff like this on the internet every day. There is just no way to keep up with all the bad arguments, incorrect reasoning and fallacious claims — even if I did this full time. Fixing all the bad arguments on the Internet is a quixotic quest just guaranteed to drive me crazy.

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