To or not to?

So, the question of the moment is whether to blog or not to blog.

It seems obvious that I should blog — what with me already having this blog and all. I’ve even registered the copy of ecto with which I’m writing this.

But blogging seems to freakish, so self-indulgent. Sturgeon’s Law certainly applies to blogs, although claiming that only 90 percent of blogs are crud is wildly optimistic. So who the hell am I to start one myself? What do I have to offer that hasn’t been said by someone else previously? The odds are against me.

But then again… I did once get a good review of my punk-rock zine in Factsheet 5, so I know that I can be at least mildly entertaining. And I do like the sound of my own voice… (More appropriate to say “look of my own words” since this is a written form of self indulgence; but not quite the same ring.)

So, maybe, maybe not. But at least I’m amused by the fact that I’m exploring this question about blogging on my blog. If I can’t be a part of the warm glow of the blogosphere, at least I can be post-modernly ironic.

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